About RHR

What is Ripping House Records?

Ripping House Records is an unconventional recording service that keeps the artist in mind. Our goal is to provide service to artists that have great ideas that otherwise can't afford a full studio experience or want to put out something great at a low cost but need a little help getting it established.

What does it mean to be unconventional?

You'll see that I use the word unconventional very frequently. I use it because I have no better term for what I am looking to offer. RHR doesn't provide the standard studio experience, instead the point is to take an artist and do whatever I can to help them realize their first pro-level project. I am still more than happy to work with experienced veterans but everything you see is primarily aimed at taking that artist who has the vision, has the idea, but doesn't fit into the standard way of doing things, and helping them succeed.

RHR is very much a passion service, very rarely will multiple projects be pursued at a time, I want to provide the best experience and give anyone I work with the best product that we can make together. If you are interested in seeing if I have any openings or you want to know more feel free to reach out to me here and we'll see what we can arrange.

Meet Andy the Producer

My name is Andy and I am the guy behind RHR. Ripping House Records began as a way for me to realize my first self-produced album. As a teenage kid and a passionate singer in 2008, I began to branch out to learn how to compose and write my own music. Shortly after, I participated in a vocational program that taught recording arts. In 2010 I started BTK, a Nu-Metal/Shock Rock inspired project that had a hard time finding a stable line-up. As a result I began learning how to play everything myself. With the help of my training in sound tech, I began interning at several local studios starting in 2012 in hopes of honing my talent.

I learned a valuable lesson during my times at the different studios, the music business is rough and unforgiving. It has to be in order to maintain a standard in quality good music, separating the talented artists from those recording random covers in their bedroom closets... like me. I learned alot from many talented engineers and got to observe many inspiring interactions between producers and the bands that they worked with. Finally I had a mentor who, just before reluctantly informing me that management no longer had need for an intern, told me that I was too talented to wind cables and that I should seek an actual position as an engineer. I also learned I wasn't too interested in the bussiness side of the music business. So I returned to flying Solo as BTK

In 2015 BTK's first album The Mirror was completed. I was so excited and eager to release it after spending so much time mixing it and attempting to master it myself. It was time to find a record label nuts enough to take me on. There was that business side of the music business showed itself to me again. Putting out a record is hard, it's expensive, it takes alot of time, and nobody wants to invest the work, time, and money into a project that doesn't draw in an audience. Also touring sounded exhausting. So the only obvious solution was to be my own label. 

Now, I have realized what was missing for me. A way to focus on the music myself while someone else helped me realize my vision without taking a whole month's pay. A way to put together something that is real and developed to get your foot in the door of the music world. I spent all my time that I could have been making myself a better artist learning how to do all of this myself and I found that it was more enjoyable. Now here we are, I want to be for you what I realized my experience was missing. I want to help you realize your vision and your passion. I already figured this junk out so that you don't have to. My goal with RHR is to give my artists an unconventional service, I want to help you make your album and realize your potential. I want to push you to have the best product that you can take to a more substantial label as a finished product and as proof of your talent.

The Studio

The Digs

Currently RHR is a home based studio featuring many pieces of vintage equipment. Very few pieces of hardware will be less than 20 years old, I find that many of my older pieces have a much 'truer' sound. Below is my main set that I use for all projects:


1989 Marantz Studio Sound System

Koss headphones (TD60/TD90)

1978 Studio Master 8-into-4 Mixer (Big Bertha)

TASCAM Audio Interfaces

And many more, if you are interested in equipment such as mics, guitars etc, please Contact Me