RHR offers a range of services that are aimed at helping an up and coming artist get on their feet. The difference between RHR and a traditional record label is that while I don't have the resources or time to market, mass produce, and promote an artist, the goal is to arm you with the skills and recources to advocate for yourself and self manage your music career. I don't want to own your soul or follow you around collecting royalties for the rest of all our lives. I want to give you a full and finished product and a push to get a polished and professional product that will give you a leg to stand on to promote and propel your own career. And when you get big enough to get signed with a traditional label you have a finished product showing them that you already know how the game works, a website, experience in a studio, self promotion skills, and they will see that you are ready to shine.

All RHR Services

**Please note that at this time there is no set price on services**

Basic Services

These services are typical by the job bookings. Limited travel is available however cost can vary based on distance and accessibility. All below are single song services.

Song Recording
standard recording session, record one song and get the basic mix stems

Song Mastering
send me your pre-recorded stems and tracks for final adjustments and polishing

Creative Session/Coaching
not ready to record? Let's get together to get your ideas ready for the studio

Full Song Services
does all of the above sound good? Get it all for a discount.

Web/Marketing Services

Fun fact, all my sites that you see and visit are all deeloped and maintained by me. As an artist it benefits immensely to have your own page. Let's get you one!

RHR Artist Page
Get a fetured page on my website, look good and stay crooked.

*One Page Site
Get your own one page site designed and hosted by me.

*Managed Bootstrap Site
get you a site much like this one, nothing too fancy but looks good and runs fast with up to 10 pages

*Managed WordPress Site
Get a full featured website like the pros. Get the ability to make your own updates and keep your fans in the loop.

*Bring your own domain OR domain management costs extra
All web services are priced based on 1 year of service and billed yearly

Recording Packages

Discounted recording packages are like bundles for basic services when you need to get more done. More attention, more music, less cost.

Lv 1
up to 3 songs, includes creative sessions, mixing and stems for each

Lv 2
up to 5 songs, includes creative sessions, mixing and stems for each

Lv 3
up to 3 songs, includes all basic services

Lv 4
up to 5 songs, includes all basic services

Production Packages

Here are the full production packages, these are the premium services where I will offer my complete attention and care. As a premium service these options can come with additional cost but have the best value and the option of payment plans.

Includes all basic services for 1 song and your choice of web service options between RHR Artist page or One page site.

Includes all basic services for 2-4 songs and your choice of web service options up to MBS

Includes all basic services for 5-7 songs and your choice of all web service options

Includes all basic services for 8+ songs and your choice of any web service as well as promotional launch